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Weather on Kythira

Current weather on Kythira

Kythira weather station

Some facts about the weather on Kythira island

– From May until end of September there is very little rain.

– The warmest months are July and August.

– December and January are the months with the most rainfall.

– Winter (December until Mid march) is generally mild but sometimes it can be cold with strong winds. On very cold nights the temperature can drop to around 0 °C. Snow is very rare.
Springs is mild and sunny. It can be fresh because of winds from the mainland.

– Summer is warm and sunny but because of a nice breeze from the North-East (the Meltemi wind) it is seldom extremely warm.  Temperatures close to 40 °C are very rare.

– Autumn is mild. Until end of November the weather generally is very pleasant, with many sunny days and now and them some rain.

Kythira weather by month / weather averages