Traveling to Kythera

Getting to Kythera is much easier than most people think. It is only a short flight from Athens and also easy to reach by ferryboat.


Flying to Kythera:

Probably the quickest and most convenient way to travel. You can fly from Athens in about 40 minutes to Kythera, with Aegean Air or Sky Express. From June until October there are 2 flights per day. The rest of the year there are 4 tot 7 flights per week. Check out our website for the timetables.


Sailing to Kythera:

For those who like to slow travel, taking the ferry might be an option. An ideal way to discover the real Greece. You can travel through the Peloponnese by bus or car to Neapolis or Gythion and take the ferry to Kythera. If you want to combine Kythera and Crete, you can fly to Crete and take the ferry from Kissamos (Western Crete). And also twice a week there is ferry from the bustling port of Piraeus. The ferry connections are served by the ferries Porfyrousa and Ionis. For timetables check out our website.


Travel plan:

We can help you planning your trip to Kythera with a free travel itinerary. A travel schedule for the journey from your home country to Kythera, with an indication of the costs. This offer is exclusively for guests of Xenonas Fos ke Choros. Contact us for more information.

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